About Racemine

What is Racemine

Racemine is a fast-growing network of race events and organizations from around the nation (and hopefully in the future, around the globe!). An ever-evolving web service, Racemine aims to provide one of the most feature-packed online solutions for any race organization, big or small.

Why was Racemine created?

We simply got tired of extremely high registration fees from current services that didn’t offer the sought after tools that organizers needed. With some first-hand experiences in dealing with race event management ourselves, we found that current services at the time lacked MANY features. We put our heads together to bring some of the most important features a race director and/or race timer would ever need, and most importantly, at a VERY affordable rate. Thus, Racemine was started, to simply create something better.

An On-Going Project

Though many tools have been already built and launched for Racemine and its loyal customers, we are continually improving many facets of our race management system, both functionally and visually. For 2013, we are in the phase of revamping our user interfaces for a smoother overall experience for tablet and mobile devices.

Contact Us

Have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions for us? We’re all ears! We are always open to any comments, suggestions or bug submissions. Please keep in mind, this website is in a beta phase and we will try our best to answer questions and fulfill requests. Not all feature requests can be implemented, but we always read our user feedback!

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