Get Covered with
Registration Insurance by TicketGuardian™

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Get Covered with Registration Insurance by TicketGuardian

The TicketGuardian Base Policy applies. Insurance fees are 5.5% with a $2.99 minimum charge to the registrant*.

*Rates are subject to change.

Let your participants have peace of mind

We understand that sometimes life happens. That's why Racemine has teamed up with TicketGuardian™ to cover those unexpected events on race day through their Base Policy plan. Read below for more details.

Ticket Guardian

What exactly does the Base Insurance Policy cover?

Work Travel Conflicts*
Family Emergencies*
Extreme Weather*
Traffic Accident*
Jury Duty*
Health Emergencies*
Injury/Sickness with Doctor's Note*

More information can be found here:

How does the Registration Insurance feature integrate into Racemine?

  1. A Race Director logs into Racemine and goes to the Event Settings
  2. In the Event Registration Settings, they simply Turn On the toggle switch for Registration Insurance and hit Save
  3. When the registration page is live, a participant will be presented with the option to add TicketGuardian Registration Insurance to their order… that's it!