Integrated Fundraising
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Racemine allows you to integrate fundraising functionality directly into your event registration, or through shareable pages. Donate through the:

  • Registration Process through Racemine
  • Registration Process through Crowdrise
  • Custom Fundraising Landing Page
  • Personal Fundraising Pages

How does this all come together?

Donate directly on your registration page

While users are signing up for your event, an opportunity to present a donation interface can be displayed on the registration process itself. This way, a donation can be made easily. And if not, the user is aware of the causes surrounding the event.

Organizations gets a Fundraising Page

Every Fundraising Campaign on Racemine, gets their very own web page dedicated to their efforts. It provides a basic overview of what your goals are, a front and center donate button, and also a list of recent donations made.

Personal Fundraising Pages for End-Users

While intergrating fundraising into your registration is a great way to get your message out, we also offer the feature for users to create Personalized Fundraising pages. User's simply click on "Help Fundraise for this Cause", and they fill out a simple form. In a matter of minutes, they have access to their very own fundraising page and athlete account to manage their fundraising progress.

Optionally Integrate with Crowdrise

We've also teamed up with the popular fundraising service, Crowdrise. In our Directors portal, simply enter your Crowdrise API key, token and event name. During registration, users can create a new Crowdrise fundraising campaign directly through Racemine.

Manage Personal Fundraisers in Athletes

After users create a personal fundraising page, they can log into Racemine and manage their Personal Fundraising Page. They have the option of placing a special note for their freinds to see. Or, if they decice to raise even more money, they can adjust their fundraising goal to an even higher amount.